Pills and a joint next to lines of cocaine on a mirror


Drug possessions can carry serious penalties. If charged, you need an experienced drug possession attorney on your side. At the Robinson Law Firm, P.A., we are dedicated to providing aggressive counsel to our clients.

When you work with The Robinson Law Firm you’ll get:

Nearly 40 years of criminal defense experience
Effective legal representation
Open client-attorney communication
Insight from more than 3,000 bench and jury trials

Whether you were arrested for cocaine possession or for carrying a small amount of marijuana, it is crucial that you act fast to start building your defense.


When a person is caught with any type of illegal controlled substance like methamphetamine, prescription drugs or heroin, they will likely face serious drug possession charges. The penalties can vary depending on the type and amount of drugs, and if there is any prior criminal history.

You could face the following consequences:

Jail or prison sentence
Substantial fines
Property or asset seizure
Court ordered substance abuse treatment program or classes
Misdemeanor or felony on your public legal record

Your reputation and your freedom are on the line. Conviction could be devastating to your future. Even a misdemeanor conviction can limit employment, housing and academic opportunities.

Robinson Law Firm, P.A. truly cares about helping you fight your charges. We can build a strong defense on your behalf! You may not even realize that your rights were violated during the arrest process or that an officer performed an illegal search and seizure. No matter what level of charges you are facing, make sure you contact our firm right away.

You need a powerful legal advocate on your side. The legal defense team at The Robinson Law Firm know the ins and outs of the laws and procedures surrounding drug possession and can use this insight for your defense.

Drug possession is a serious crime. Seek an experienced drug attorney to defend your case.