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Whether this is your first offense or if you are under investigation for a criminal offense, an experienced attorney at The Robinson Law Firm can provide you with the aggressive legal representation you need. A competent and skilled Greenville criminal defense, drug and DWI attorney can make all the difference between a conviction and a dismissal. We are dedicated to ensuring fairness and protecting your constitutional rights throughout the course of your case, and you have our word we’ll apply all available measures to help achieve the best results possible.

more than 30 years experience

Attorney Les Robinson at The Robinson Law Firm, P.A., has more than 30 years experience practicing law in eastern North Carolina, including Pitt County, Martin County, Beaufort County and Bertie County. He has consistently achieved positive outcomes for many clients, including a number of high profile cases. Mr. Robinson is assisted by a knowledgeable, accessible and friendly staff. The Robinson Law Firm implements a team approach, providing you with the best representation available in this area. The firm has successfully defended individuals charged in criminal cases, drug crimes and DWI charges at both the trial and appellate court levels.

On day 3 of the Mikel Brady’s trial, the jury heard that the inmates in the escape attempt were well prepared, they had been stocking and stashing tools for a while, and they definitely had a plan.

Bad idea. These detectors are not even close to accurate, routinely show false positives and can be triggered by gum, sweet rolls, soft drinks, perfumes, colognes, air fresheners and so many other things.

Two people are being held on manslaughter charges in the death of a North Carolina man who died from an overdose.

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