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Burglary is the act of entering a dwelling with the intention of committing a crime. Though most often thought of as relating to theft crimes, any crime is included in this definition. For instance, someone entering a dwelling with the intention to commit arson, identity theft, larceny, rape, or kidnapping may be charged with burglary. Even if a person attempts burglary but is not successful, charges can be filed.

The Robinson Law Firm, P.A. has nearly 40 years experience and will use that knowledge in planning your defense. Because burglary is a crime which deals largely with intent, the state must bear a heavy burden of proof against you. We will hold the state accountable to the highest level proof and use any lack of sufficient or valid evidence as the first point of attack in your defense of your rights.


If the burglary was committed in a residence or anywhere used for sleeping, and anyone is inside at the time, this is first-degree burglary. If no one is inside at the time, or the crime is committed on any other property, this constitutes second-degree burglary. If property is stolen, it is considered a felony, regardless of the value of the goods. A criminal defense attorney can help clarify the charges you are facing and determine the best course of legal action.

It may be possible to have charges reduced or dismissed. When a case continues to trial, The Robinson Law Firm’s burglary team will conduct further investigation to see that all presented information is correct. We will use all possible avenues to fight against the possibility of injustice and will attempt a reduction of any penalty you may face.

Contact a burglary defense lawyer for help defending your rights and freedom if you have been charged with burglary.