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Child Abuse

Child Abuse

Leaving a child physically, mentally or emotionally injured, sexually abused or exploited constitutes child abuse. Causing a child any type of harm is looked upon negatively, causing the penalties to often be very harsh. If you are being accused of child abuse, you need to do everything possible to avoid a conviction. This includes calling a skilled criminal defense attorney to assist you.

At Robinson Law Firm, P.A., we have nearly 40 years experience and insight to work for you. Through aggressive and dedicated representation, we make sure our clients in Pitt, Beaufort, Bertie, Greene, Hyde and Martin counties get the fair outcome they deserve in their child abuse case.


Whether charges come from Child Protective Services or law enforcement, the penalties for child abuse are very serious. You could lose custody of your children in addition to facing jail time and fines. A child abuse attorney from The Robinson Law Firm, P.A. can defend your name and rights.

You can be charged with child abuse for issues such as:

Neglect/inadequate food, clothing and medical care
Exposure to domestic violence
Exposure to parental drug or alcohol abuse
Physical abuse
Sexual abuse
Emotional abuse

If you are convicted of child abuse, you could spend time in jail, be required to complete parenting classes and/or counseling or lose custody of your children. In addition, you could be effectively cut off from the rest of your family, not to mention possible repercussions for your job. Let our skilled criminal defense team work to prevent these possibilities by fighting for your innocence. The Robinson Law Firm’s legal team thoroughly investigates allegations against you and builds an effective and strategic legal defense.

Contact The Robinson Law Firm today if you are facing child abuse charges for a reliable defense. We can help defend you.