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Embezzlement, viewed as a serious corporate crime, is defined as the theft of financial resources that one has been entrusted with. Embezzlement can be carried out in a variety of ways, and can range from moderate in its severity (appropriating cash from a register) to extremely serious (siphoning money from one’s investors for personal use). If convicted, it can carry severe punishment.

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In many cases, embezzlement is considered a federal offense. Being convicted on federal charges can result in penalties that include exorbitant fines, monetary restitution to the victims of the crime, and lengthy jail or prison terms. In addition to these penalties, your wages may be withheld by your employer (if they are the ones accusing you of the crime) and your financial records may be audited. In the event that you have been charged with embezzlement, it is recommended that you seriously consider hiring a skilled lawyer. A skilled lawyer can mean the difference between being incarcerated and having some, or all of your charges, dropped outright.

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