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Prostitution involves being paid to engage in sexual intercourse. Payment can occur in the form of any goods and services, as well as money. This charge requires sexual intercourse to have occurred. However, acts related to prostitution can also result in criminal charges. Prostitution is a misdemeanor and can result in fines and jail time and deserves a competent and aggressive defense.


Some examples of prostitution include:

Solicitation, whereby one offers or agrees to participate in, an act of prostitution.
The establishing, maintaining or operating a place in which prostitution, or arrangements regarding prostitution, occur.
Involvement in, or agreement to be involved in, transporting people for the purposes of prostitution or purposes related to prostitution.


The Robinson Law Firm, P.A. can assist you in your defense against prostitution charges. We may be able to have charges reduced or dismissed. Identifying lack of admissible evidence inhibits the prosecution’s case. Aside from that, there are several circumstances in which charges may be dropped or a case may end with an acquittal. For example, if an undercover police operation was involved, factors may have been present which amount to entrapment. There are also times when the defendant was mistakenly presumed to have committed a crime. This may occur if a person spent time in the vicinity of an area known for prostitution. It could also occur if the defendant was involved in a circumstance similar to prostitution without full knowledge of the situation.

In order to convict someone of prostitution they must prove that prostitution occurred and that the defendant willingly participated. The attorneys and staff at the Robinson Law Firm will conduct a thorough investigation to uncover any facts that may be used in your favor and that could result in a favorable outcome.

Contact a dedicated lawyer from the Robinson Law Firm, P.A. for representation if you are facing prostitution charges.