Police officer checking a man's drivers license

North Carolina is probably the toughest state in the country when it comes to prosecuting, convicting, and punishing a person who operates a vehicle while impaired from alcohol and/or drugs – a DWI.

The Robinson Law Firm, P.A., has nearly 40 years experience defending individuals charged with driving while impaired (DWI), felony DWI, first time DWI, habitual DWI, underage DWI and vehicular manslaughter. We can advise you regarding North Carolina DWI punishments and their levels, as well as the laws pertaining to limited driving privileges, vehicle seizure, BAC, breath & blood tests, DMV hearings, DWI penalties and field sobriety tests.


In December 2006, the Motor Vehicle Driver Protection Act of 2006 was enacted and implemented the largest revisions in drinking and driving laws in twenty years. These revisions made laws even more complex and made it easier for the state to convict you. Now, more than ever, a successful outcome depends upon immediately hiring an experienced, dedicated and aggressive DWI defense attorney to protect and defend you.

A simple driving while impaired charge typically results in an immediate 30-day suspension of your driving privileges and possible increases in your insurance premiums based on insurance points and surcharges. A conviction will cause the suspension of your driving privileges for a minimum of one year. Depending on your driving record, a four-year or permanent revocation of your driving privileges could be incurred. A conviction also results in significant court costs and fines, a possible maximum jail sentence of almost five years and a 400% increase in your insurance premium for a period of three policy years.

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Les Robinson, founder of The Robinson Law Firm, regularly speaks at continuing legal education (CLE) seminars on the topic of DWI defense. He is a leading innovator of creative defenses, and has been lead counsel in several DWI appellate cases. Contact The Robinson Law Firm immediately if you have been charged with DWI. Our experienced DWI legal defense team will provide you with aggressive legal representation that greatly improves the chances of the charges being reduced significantly or dismissed.

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