Crime Scene Do not Cross tape


Robbery occurs when another’s property is taken by the use of violence or intimidation. A victim who felt threatened while the crime was being committed is a factor which must be present for it to be considered robbery rather than theft. Robbery is a felony offense that can be charged under different classes of felonies depending on the circumstances involved. Charges can also be brought for attempted robbery.

If a firearm is shown or present, whether or not discharged, this constitutes armed robbery. Even where this is not the case, the court will consider aggravating factors such as the infliction of injury or use of an accomplice. Such factors can lead to heavier charges and result in more severe penalties.


At the Robinson Law Firm, P.A., we are passionate about doing all we can to protect your rights and future. Felony charges require great attention and precise defense. Being convicted of a felony results in a record that not only affects your legal standing but also your civil rights. You will not be able to hold certain offices and may have difficulty obtaining employment or housing. Future legal issues, even if seemingly minor, can automatically result in heavier charges and much greater penalties.

The Robinson Law Firm legal team will carefully review evidence and testimony against you. Our expertise in such matters means we can often uncover details that significantly improve your defense. We will ensure all mitigating factors are brought to the attention of the court and all possible avenues will be used in the pursuit of an acquittal, or lesser charges and lenient sentencing.

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