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Theft Crimes

Getting charged with a theft crime may seem like a minor offense, but in the eyes of the law, serious charges and penalties can be enforced. A theft crime is defined as depriving someone of their property with the intention of not returning it. Penalties for theft crimes increase depending on the stolen property’s worth and other contributing factors.

If you have been accused or charged with a theft crime, it is critical that you act quickly and obtain counsel from an experienced criminal defense attorney. At the Robinson Law Firm, P.A. in Greenville, NC, our theft crime team brings nearly 40 years of experience and knowledge in handling theft crime cases. We know how to create effective defense strategies for clients.

Theft crimes can be considered either a felony or misdemeanor, varying in the severity of penalties and consequences.

Theft crimes include a large range of categorized offenses, such as:

Grand theft auto | Larceny | Burglary | Shoplifting | Obtaining property through false pretenses | Concealment of goods | Forgery | RobberyIdentity theft | Unauthorized credit card use | Worthless checks


There are several degrees that theft crimes fall under, typically depending on two factors: the type of property stolen and the stolen property’s worth.

The following are the classifications of theft crimes:

Class 3 Misdemeanor: Involves concealing merchandise with the intent to deprive property from the owner.
Class 2 Misdemeanor: For second offenders who repeated the crime within three years of first offense.
Class 1 Misdemeanor: If the stolen property was worth $1,000 or less, resulting in up to 45 days of incarceration.
Class H Felony: If stolen property was worth more than $1,000.

If property is stolen by breaking and entering or if a firearm was used at the time of the theft, it will be considered a felony, regardless of the property’s worth.

Dealing with the legal justice system can be extremely intimidating and complex. Having a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney on your side can give you the tools you need to fight your theft charges or accusations.

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If you’ve been charged with a theft crime, you need a competent theft crime attorney who understands the justice system and can defend your rights. Contact the Robinson Law Firm today!