Pills and powdered drugs in a bag next to each other


Drug manufacturing charges can vary depending on the type of drug being produced and the amount, as well as any prior criminal charges or convictions. Charges can also include possessing the materials needed to make unlawful controlled substances or for cultivation purposes. At the Robinson Law Firm, P.A., we believe there is a workable solution in every case. Our team will examine every piece of evidence involved in order to proceed in a way that effectively presents your defense in court. We’ll relentlessly hold the state accountable to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Being charged with drug manufacturing can carry extreme penalties in North Carolina such as:

Decades or life in prison
Thousands of dollars in fines
Asset seizure
Arrest, charges and conviction on your public legal record, which can be accessed by means of a simple background check

The consequences of conviction can negatively impact your ability to get and keep a job, rent or lease property as well as hinder you in other life opportunities.


Because of the seriousness of these potential penalties, if you or someone you care about has recently been arrested and charged with drug manufacturing, it is crucial that you remain silent and obtain legal services from an experienced attorney. Don’t trust your fate to inexperience or waive your right to representation. Your freedom, financial state and public legal record are all on the line and heavily depend on the verdict of your case.

We understand the tremendous pressure that drug crime charges can put on a person. To achieve a favorable result in your legal situation, you can depend on the Robinson Law Firm and our drug manufacturing defense team to advocate for your rights and interests in and out of the courtroom. We have a proven record of success and will apply our high level of skill, knowledge and nearly 40 years of experience to fight your case and help you receive a lesser sentence or avoid the penalties associated with your charges.

Charged with a drug manufacturing crime? You need to acquire the services of a drug attorney today.