Person shooting a gun

Armed Robbery

Armed robbery refers to a theft involving the use of a firearm. The weapon does not have to be discharged; merely displaying or having a firearm present during a theft constitutes armed robbery. Heavy penalties can result from this felony charge. If you have been arrested for armed robbery, it is vital that you contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately.

The Robinson Law Firm, P.A. will aggressively defend your rights and fight for the best possible outcome of your case. While the court will consider aggravating circumstances, mitigating circumstances will also be taken into account. We will work with you to obtain all the evidence and facts regarding your case and use these to produce a strong defense. Whatever the specifics, we are relentless in fighting against such injustices.


Armed robbery can bring about serious penalties such as imprisonment and extremely large fines. In some cases, probation and electronic monitoring may result. If the weapon involved was used to cause injury, heavier penalties will be incurred. Your prior record can also have a significant effect on sentencing. Due to the violent nature of this crime, even first offenders are at risk of serious consequences.

The Robinson Law Firm will thoroughly review all evidence involved and determine its strength and legal validity. We will endeavor to have the lesser charges filed, and in some cases it may even be possible to have them dismissed. If you are facing sentencing, our experienced armed robbery team will use their innovation to achieve a lesser sentence. Our nearly 40 years of experience provides us with the knowledge needed to defend and protect your future.

Contact the Robinson Law Firm immediately if you are facing the very serious charge of armed robbery.