Visa and Mastercard Credit Cards in a stack

Credit Card Fraud

Fraud charges can occur if someone uses deception to obtain money or other benefits from another person. It is not necessary that the person actually be successful in their attempt to defraud property in order for charges to be filed.

Some examples of credit card fraud include:

Using a stolen credit card as one’s own
Knowingly reporting purchases you made as unauthorized purchases
Using stolen credit card information to apply for another credit card
In the case of merchants or their agents, charging expenses to a credit card without the cardholder’s consent


Certain instances of credit card fraud can incorporate other crimes. For example: using someone’s personal information to fraudulently represent them and gain something of value constitutes identity theft. Falsely signing a credit card slip under an identity not your own constitutes forgery. These crimes, along with fraud, are felonies which can result in jail or prison time even for a first offender.

If you have been charged with credit card fraud, a credit card fraud attorney from the Robinson Law Firm can defend you and your rights. We are passionate about defending our clients in pursuit of the best possible outcome in any fraud case.

Whether the alleged crime occurred in person, over the phone or online, the Robinson Law Firm will thoroughly investigate your case to uncover information that may help your defense. A felony conviction can haunt you legally, personally and professionally. Call the Robinson Law Firm and we will present all relevant information to the court in our pursuit of your freedom.

Contact a credit card fraud lawyer for legal counsel and defense if you are facing charges of credit card fraud.