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Drug sales

Drug sales, distribution and trafficking charges can carry severe penalties for convicted individuals in the state of North Carolina.

Drug crimes of this nature can lead to:

Time in jail or prison
Substantial fines
Mandatory substance abuse treatment program or classes
Property and asset seizure
Misdemeanor or felony charges and conviction on your public legal record, which can severely hinder your ability to find and maintain employment, housing options, academic and other future opportunities.


At the Robinson Law Firm, P.A., our team has nearly 40 years of experience protecting the rights and assets of those accused of drug crimes. There are many avenues of defense that can be explored, starting with the investigation that occurred and your arrest. Our drug sale defense team will carefully examine all angles of the evidence to build a defense that works best for you and your situation. We will fight for fairness and lawfulness in order to help you avoid or minimize the penalties you are facing.

We understand the extreme pressure legal charges can have on an individual’s personal and family life, and we are committed to applying every available measure to help you preserve your freedom, livelihood and public legal record.

If you were recently arrested and charged with drug crimes including sales, distribution, trafficking or any other crime, it is important that you immediately obtain the services of an experienced drug sale lawyer.