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Blood Alcohol Content

Blood Alcohol Content, (BAC) refers to the amount of alcohol that is present in a person’s bloodstream. If you have been charged with Driving While Impaired (DWI) based on a measurement of your BAC, it would be very beneficial to consult a Greenville DWI defense lawyer.

Measuring an individual’s BAC is one of the primary methods used when arresting and charging a person with DWI. This can be measured in a variety of ways, including the utilization of breath and blood tests. This is possible because alcohol is not chemically altered in any way when it is enters the blood stream. It sits completely undiluted until it is passed out of the body in a natural manner. While BAC can be measured directly in a blood test, it is only an indirect measurement that is obtained when utilizing a breath or “Breathalyzer” test.


Any test that is used to measure a person’s BAC is subject to errors or misreading, even those that provide direct measurements. Breathalyzer tests, which give an indirect reading, are notoriously unreliable, and are prone to giving false readings. Blood tests can be administered by lab technicians incorrectly, and the results can be misinterpreted or confused with the results of others. If you are being charged with DWI based on a BAC test, you are not without options.

At the Robinson Law Firm, P.A., our DWI legal defense team possesses a high degree of experience in trying DWI cases, and can expose inconsistencies in your test results. As a leading innovator in new and unique defenses, we will consult with you regarding your arrest and subsequent charging and utilize the information provided to build a defense that may result in your charges being lessened or thrown out of court.

Contact a DWI defense lawyer if you have been charged with DWI based on the results of a test that indirectly measures your BAC.