Person shooting a gun

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes, no matter their severity, are prosecuted aggressively in North Carolina and are frequently met with life-altering penalties.

Violent crimes are classified as those crimes that involve the use of violent force against another or threatening to use violent force.

There are many examples of violent crimes, including:

Aggravated assault (assault with an aggravating factor, such as the use of a weapon)
Non-negligent manslaughter

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Penalties for violent crimes can include exorbitant fines, many hours of community service, probation and substantial time in prison or jail. The use of a weapon in a violent crime can result in further charges, as well as increased penalties. The use of a deadly weapon can increase the severity of the penalties even further, and may result in additional time spent in jail or prison.

Violent crimes are no small matter. They are considered among the most serious offense one can commit, and are treated as such in a court of law. In the event that you are facing violent crime charges, you will not want to face those charges alone. You stand a much better chance of avoiding incarceration and other stiff penalties if you have an experienced attorney working on your behalf in your case.

To protect your legal rights, contact the Robinson Law Firm team, who can defend your violent crime charges in a court of law.