Pills next to lines of cocaine on a mirror


Drug distribution is a broad term that refers to the delivery, sales, trafficking or illegal importation into the United States of unlawful controlled substances such as:

Crack Cocaine
Prescription drugs

The most common drug distribution charges include selling illegal drugs and knowingly moving these drugs from place to place. When a person is facing allegations for drug distribution, it is considered both a state and federal crime. Both can lead to severe and devastating penalties if convicted.

Some of the penalties include:

Heavy fines
A criminal record, which could impact your ability to find a job or secure a home


At the Robinson Law Firm, P.A. in Greenville, NC, our team has dedicated their professional lives to protecting the rights and assets of those accused of criminal activities involving drugs in both state and federal court cases. We are extremely well-versed and experienced in a wide range of drug crime and drug trafficking cases and can provide you with the high level of representation you need and are entitled to, in and out of the courtroom. Our drug distribution charge legal defense team will examine the evidence and details of your case and apply all available measures to help avoid or minimize penalties. We understand you are under a tremendous amount of pressure to achieve a favorable result.

The Robinson Law Firm has a proven track record of success in the legal field of drug distribution and will zealously advocate for your rights and interests throughout the course of your case. We’ll work hard to pursue the best possible outcome in order to help preserve your freedom, personal and professional reputation and public legal record.

Obtain the services of a reputable drug attorney if you’ve been charged with a drug distribution crime. Your future may depend on it.