Man in handcuffs with face in hands


Molestation refers to engaging in sexual acts (short of intercourse) with a child. This may include sexual contact, making sexual advances toward a child or engaging in acts of a sexual nature with a child. Molestation charges vary from misdemeanors to felonies or can be filed as both. The age difference between the child and the one charged with the crime can have a bearing on what specific charges are filed. Even if the child apparently consents, it is not a defense because a child is legally incapable of giving consent.


When an accusation of molestation is made, the situation is very volatile. Parents, family members, friends, neighbors, police and other members of the community can become very emotional. Unfortunately, this often occurs before any kind of investigation or trial is conducted. In such a tumultuous and confusing time, a molestation lawyer from the Robinson Law Firm can guide you through the vital legal steps needed to protect your rights.

The staff of the Robinson Law Firm will undertake our own investigation of the case in an effort to uncover any facts that may be used in your favor. This may include interviewing those involved in an effort to uncover information which betrays the accusations or the apparent evidence of the prosecution. In some instances this leads to the discovery of false accusations; for example, in the case of divorce, where one parent wishes to discredit the other. Whatever is needed, the Robinson Law Firm will be relentless in our efforts to preserve your freedom.

Contact a molestation attorney for help determining the best course of action and defense in the face of molestation charges.