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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious offense that is difficult to fight yourself because of the stigma behind the charge and the absence of witnesses. With nearly 40 years experience, our firm’s criminal defense team can defend your case and help you achieve the positive results you deserve.

Our experienced attorneys use thorough preparation, an aggressive defense, the latest technology, a team approach and innovative representation as we pursue your case.

We defend domestic violence case involving any of the following:

Child abuse or neglect
Communication of threats
Domestic criminal
Interfering with emergency communications
Sexual assault / Rape
Verbal abuse
Violation of restraining order


Domestic violence convictions can result in serious penalties, such as:

Large fines
Restraining orders
Mandatory anger management courses

If convicted, you can also suffer personal consequences, including losing your job and damage to relationships. We encourage you to seek the counsel of a skilled domestic violence lawyer. Our firm has the experience at the trial and appellate court level necessary to adequately defend the charges against you.

At Robinson Law Firm, P.A., we will not rest until your case is given the full extent of our representation. Protecting your future is our primary objective!

Contact our firm as soon as you are able to discuss the options available for defense. Our domestic violence attorneys are ready to help.