Police officer checking a man's drivers license

Vehicle Seizure

If you are charged with driving while impaired (DWI) and your driver’s license or privilege is revoked or suspended for an implied consent offense, the charging officer must seize the motor vehicle you are driving – even if the vehicle is not owned by you.

The vehicle will be towed to a local storage facility, but within three-to-five days it will be transferred to a different location. Depending on different factors, the vehicle will be returned to you or it will be subject to forfeiture. If your vehicle has been seized and is being released to you, you will be liable for paying the costs of having it towed and stored. Forfeiture is extreme and only occurs in very specific circumstances. In this case, you will lose ownership of your car altogether.


Acting quickly to resolve your DWI and recovering your vehicle is of great importance. The procedures necessary to have the vehicle returned are quite involved and can be costly. It will be in your best interest to enlist the services of the Robinson Law Firm, P.A. to help you in this process. This is one of many issues to deal with after being charged with DWI. You may need to attend a DMV hearing, you may have to apply for limited driving privileges and you could be defending yourself against unreasonable DWI penalties.

Having an aggressive and experienced lawyer on your side will make the process much easier. The Robinson Law Firm’s DWI defense team has the knowledge and skills necessary to produce favorable results. We know how the system works and will do what is necessary to assist in resolving your DWI charge and restoring your vehicle to you. We pride ourselves in our ability to effectively fight for our clients.

Contact a Greenville DWI Lawyer if your vehicle was seized after being charged with a DWI and you need help getting it back.