Police officer handcuffing and escorting a male


If you’ve been arrested for drug trafficking, it’s crucial that you quickly take legal action to protect your rights. The sooner you start building your case, the stronger your defense will be. The Robinson Law Firm drug trafficking defense team has nearly 40 years of experience they’ll use to aggressively fight your charges. We understand how confusing and overwhelming this time can be and are here to provide the counsel and guidance you need to fight your trafficking charges.


Drug trafficking encompasses a wide range of crimes, including possession with the intent to distribute, drug distribution/sales and unlawful transportation of illegal drugs.

Trafficking crimes carry serious penalties, including:

Mandatory prison sentence
Property or asset seizure
Thousands of dollars in fines
Marks on your legal public record

These types of crimes not only affect your present freedom, but also your future pursuits. You may have trouble securing a job, finding housing, or even pursuing further education. When you retain The Robinson Law Firm’s aggressive legal team, we carefully review every detail surrounding your case. We have a proven track record of success and provide the legal services you need to prepare an effective defense strategy.

Given the severity of the consequences, it is vitally important that you take immediate action to protect your rights. Get a dedicated and experienced drug crimes attorney on your side as soon as possible.