Tax Season Crimes

April 26, 2017 – Published by Robinson Law Firm

It’s tax season. Which means many people in America are sifting through statements, receipts, and documents from the past year. This process, which can be very tedious, is one of the most important times of the year. Annually, this period sparks thousands of tax-related criminal charges. Examples of these crimes are embezzlement, money laundering, bribery, counterfeiting, and fraud, which are considered “white collar” crimes.

Embezzlement is defined as a kind of property theft. This occurs when somebody that was entrusted with another person’s money or property steals money or property. In North Carolina, embezzlement is punished on varying levels, depending on the relationship of the two people and the amount stolen. There are also several factors that play into the sentencing like amount stolen, the number of victims and type of property stolen.

The term money laundering refers to the practice of obtaining money illegally and making it appear as though it were legal. This is done through crimes, drug trafficking, terrorist activity and many others. Penalties for money laundering can include fines, probation and/or prison. The level of the penalty depends on the severity of the offense and amount of capital in question.

Bribery is the act of giving or receiving anything of value with the agenda of influencing someone to perform a favorable action. This type of charge is relational and can be between two people of varying levels of employment or stature. Examples are law enforcement, officials, and jurors. A conviction of bribery can result in several different levels of consequences, all the way up to a felony. The higher the base level of the offense is, the higher the sentence will be. This level depends on the position held by the offender, the value and benefit received from the bribe and amount of bribes taken or given.

Counterfeiting involves the production or distribution of goods in an illegal manner. This can be done under a company or person’s name without their permission. Because there are so many different types of goods in our world, the counterfeiting problem is growing. Penalties for counterfeiting can include fines and prison time. There are numerous factors that play into the level of penalties issued, such as the amount of assets in question, the location of the assets and offense and if the crime caused a gain or loss from someone other than the defendant.

Fraud can take many forms. The overall premise behind fraud is the deliberate attempt to gain something unlawfully. Fraud can be committed in a variety of business areas and ranges in levels of seriousness. When it comes to taxes, there are serious fines and prison sentences given to individuals who commit fraud to prevent having to pay their income tax. Repeat offenses, levels of capital involved and motivation behind the offense all play into determining the level of the offense.

White collar crimes are complex in nature and warrants the help of an experienced defender. The severity of these charges ranges from misdemeanors to felonies and punishment can include fines, compensation to the victims of the crime, community service, probation and jail/prison time. Robinson Law Firm is skilled and experienced with white collar crimes. If you are dealing with a white collar crime charge, contact us today for a free consultation. Robinson Law Firm – Relentless Criminal Defense.