Robinson Receives Top 10 Attorney Award for Second Year

September 6, 2016 – Published by Robinson Law Firm

Attorney Les Robinson was again chosen as a recipient to receive the Top 10 Attorney Award for the State of North Carolina for 2016. This prestigious award is granted by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys (NACDA) to those who show an outstanding level of hard work and commitment to protecting the rights of individuals accused or charged with a crime.

The NACDA, which was established in 2013, goes through an extensive process of choosing a list of top 10 criminal defense attorneys in each state by analyzing and recognizing their efforts and achievements. To qualify an individual must be a licensed attorney and meet the minimum membership requirements. With over a million attorneys in America, the Selection Committee works on discovering 50 of the best criminal defense attorneys in each state, before a Board of Governors select the top 10 recipients.

To be selected by the NACDA is a huge accomplishment on behalf of Mr. Robinson. As a Greenville criminal defense lawyer with 30 years of legal experience, Mr. Robinson has honed his practice to deliver devoted and diligent legal representation for the criminally accused. He was praised in 2015 and again in 2016 for his exceptional leadership ability and willingness to provide the highest caliber of legal excellence and guidance.

To retain Attorney Les Robinson’s award-winning advocacy, do not hesitate to contact Robinson Law Firm, P.A. today.

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