Pulled Over Do’s and Don’ts

November 23, 2016 – Published by Robinson Law Firm

Dealing with law enforcement can be very scary and stressful. Being pulled over by law enforcement can be even more stressful. While there is no guarantee that you are being pulled over for a violation, it is best to prepare. Regardless of the reason for being stopped, there are some best practices when it comes to dealing with law enforcement.


  • Pull over immediately in a safe place.
  • Try to get as far to the right as possible to avoid the risk of being hit by oncoming traffic.
  • Pulling over is not an admission of guilt. It is a sign that you are alert and aware of what is going on around you.
  • Pay attention to what the officer says and find out what violations occurred as well as where and when.
  • It is best to turn off your engine and place both hands on the steering wheel.
  • While both may seem extreme for a minor traffic violation, it is a courtesy to the officer.
  • It is also courtesy to get rid of any chewing gum or cigarettes. 


  • Do not pull over in a dangerous location or too close to the road.
  • Do not slow down to fast when you see the police sirens, as this could lead to the officer rear-ending you.
  • Do not make a lot of movements while the officer is approaching the vehicle.
  • For example, do not go fidgeting for your license and registration.
  • The officer cannot see what you are looking for, and it is best to not give him or her any reason to worry.
  • Do not get out of the car unless told to do so.
  • Do not talk about people you know, be funny or make sarcastic remarks.
  • Do not consent to a vehicle search. Have the officer find another legal route to search your car.

If your traffic stop results in a ticketed violation, Robinson Law Firm is here to help. Facing law enforcement alone can be very stressful and frightening. Seeking the help of an experienced attorney you can count on to guide you through the process and present a strong defense on your behalf can greatly improve your situation.

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